Dark Grey Wax Melt Liners

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Pink Wax Melt Liners - Reusable, Leakproof & Easy to use! 

Have you ever got tired of finding different hacks or wasting time to clean out your burners? Well here’s you’re answer to all those problems! 

Reusable and leakproof:

  • The wax tray liner is designed with a protective coating meaning no leaking on your wax burner/melter. 
  • Easier for you to change your wax melts quickly.
  • Wax melts melted in the liners can be reuseable again and again until scent has gone! Fits most Wax Melters.

No need to clean your warmer again:

  • Our reusable wax liner is suitable for most electric wax warmer, wax heater, double wax warmer or fragrance warmers as well as most plug in wax warmers.

Easy to apply:

  • With these simple designed wax trays you can change your scents or fragrance oil several times a day, the protective coating allows you to enjoy the time without the fuss and mess of cleaning out your trays.